Tuesday, 13 March 2012


By default, RFB is not a defended protocol. While passwords are not beatific in plain-text (as in telnet), arise could prove acknowledged if both the encryption key and encoded countersign are sniffed from a network. For this acumen it is recommended that a countersign of at atomic 8 characters be used. On the added hand, there is additionally an 8-character absolute on some versions of VNC; if a countersign is beatific beyond 8 characters, the balance characters are removed and the truncated cord is compared to the password.

However, VNC may be tunnelled over an SSH or VPN affiliation which would add an added aegis band with stronger encryption. SSH audience are accessible for all above platforms (and abounding abate platforms as well); SSH tunnels can be created from UNIX clients, Microsoft Windows clients, Macintosh audience (including Mac OS X and System 7 and up) – and abounding others. There are freeware applications that actualize burning VPN tunnels amid computers.

UltraVNC supports the use of an open-source encryption plugin which encrypts the absolute VNC affair including countersign affidavit and abstracts transfer. It additionally allows affidavit to be performed based on NTLM and Active Directory user accounts. However, use of such encryption plugins accomplish it adverse with added VNC programs. RealVNC offers high-strength AES encryption as allotment of its bartering package, forth with affiliation with Active Directory. Workspot appear AES encryption patches for VNC.

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