Tuesday, 13 March 2012


VNC was created at the Cambridge, UK Olivetti & Oracle Analysis Lab (ORL 2), which was again endemic by Olivetti and Oracle Corporation. In 1999 AT&T acquired the lab, and in 2002 bankrupt bottomward the lab's analysis efforts.

Developers who formed on VNC while still at the AT&T Analysis Lab are3:

Tristan Richardson (inventor)

Andy Harter (project leader)

Quentin Stafford-Fraser

James Weatherall

Following the cease of ORL in 2002, several associates of the development aggregation (including Richardson, Harter, Weatherall and Hopper) formed RealVNC in adjustment to abide alive on accessible antecedent and bartering VNCcomputer application beneath that name.

Several added versions of VNC accept been developed from the aboriginal GPLed antecedent code. Such bifurcation has not led to affinity problems because the RFB agreement is advised to be extensible. VNC audience and servers accommodate their capabilities with handshaking in adjustment to use the best adapted options accurate at both ends.

The appellation "VNC" is now a registered brand of RealVNC Ltd. in the United States and added countries.4

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